Do You Resent Giving up Your Career to Get Married Now That The Marriage Didn't Work Out?

Do you resent giving up your career to Get Married Now that Marriage Didn’t Work Out?

Are you one of those people of a certain milieu, who thought that giving up your career to get married was a good idea? If so, how did that work out for you?

Giving up your career to get married will always be a huge risk in this day and age. It seems that more women than men find themselves making this choice but there are situations where men do give up the day job. Either way, you cut it, this could backfire if the marriage ends in divorce, which a huge percentage of marriages do, eventually.

Sure, giving up your career to get married can be a tantalizing choice – especially when you are someone of a certain milieu. If there is a lot of money in the union – especially if your spouse is the one with the deep pockets – becoming a “kept” spouse can be a privilege and luxury that is hard to resist. Moreover, your spouse may put pressure on you to stop working so that you will have the time to travel and be at their beck and call, host their parties and play host or hostess to their various social entanglements.

Indeed, giving up your career to get married can be a prerequisite to the marriage itself. Your future spouse can either expressly or impliedly tell you that you have to quit working in order to be with him or her; and of course, the thrill of the wedding proposal is too much to resist and so you concede the issue without too much arm twisting have to be done and you figure “heck, what do I need a job for anyways when I can have life on easy street?”
The trouble is that, again, a lot of marriages don’t work out and you could end up resenting giving up your career to get married and also, getting back into your career may not be so easy after you dropped it like a hot potato to get married.

So assuming you have not already given up your job, you may want to think it through a little bit more before giving up your career to get married. It could work out. But you could also come to resent having done that if a divorce happens later on down the road.

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