The Vacation From Hell: When a Sexy Babe Steals Your Husband and Wrecks Your Marriage

The Vacation From Hell: When a Sexy Babe Steals Your Husband and Wrecks Your Marriage

Today I want to talk about the vacation from hell which is not something I think I have ever blogged about on Divorce Saloon. But it occurred to me that there could be a lot of material I can draw from based on emails and conversations I have been privy to over the years.
I usually like to talk about vacations from heaven where you go to unwind and reboot after a divorce. But it is totally possible that it is the vacation from hell that led to the divorce in the first place. And why was it hell? Among other reasons, maybe your husband met and fell in love with a sexy babe in a black bikini.

I mean, there is not a heck of a lot you can do if this happens. Chances are you are not going to be able to compete with the novelty of a woman in a black bikini with whom your partner is smitten. You can really only hope that the novelty wears off pretty quickly and he comes back to his senses and breaks up with her. Whether you will take him back after is totally up to you but no question that sometimes, it is the vacation from hell that lead to your divorce which in turn leads to you searching for post divorce travel ideas.

How can you prevent the vacation from hell from ruining your marriage and relationship? First of all, try to avoid going to places where there is a meat market of potential competitors or temptations for your spouse. Second of all be battle-tested and combat ready as far as your own appearance and willingness to fight for your relationship. Third, eliminate opportunities for straying by keeping him occupied with what is going on in your own relationship (so be very exciting and very interesting and very fun – and look hot!). Finally, let your spouse know that he is trusted, needed and respected and desired in your relationship.

These four steps can help to reduce the likelihood of your innocent holiday turning into a vacation from hell.

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