Did Your Spouse's Doctor Steal Him/Her Away From You?

Did your spouse’s doctor steal him or her away from you?

Sometimes, your spouse’s doctor ends up stealing him or her away and cause your marriage to end in divorce. It is unclear why this is but there can be no denying that a lot of marriages, a significant number, are ruined because of a doctor. Gynecologists and shrinks seem to be particularly guilty of this, to a disproportionate degree. And there is a gender difference, obviously. Women are stolen by their GYNs and men by their shrinks.

Why is this?

It is hard to say but there is definitely a pattern here and people need to study this to try to figure out what is going on. Why do women fall in love with their gynecologists (and sometimes their obstetricians)? Why do these medical practitioners pose such a risk to an otherwise perfectly satisfactory marriage? On the other hand, what is it about female (or male!) shrinks and your husband?

The theory is that in the first example, there is a type of trust and intimacy that women feel for their gynecologist who gets to see them at their most intimate and their most vulnerable. Why does this lead to an implosion of your marriage? Who knows. Maybe the marriage was imploding anyway and she just reaches out to the one person she feels safe with who happens to be the person who takes care of her most intimate self? With men, it could be that they also feel a sense of trust and intimacy with a shrink and they can bare their souls in a way they can’t with anyone else – including you, unfortunately.

What is the takeaway? Well, you cannot forbid your wife to go to the gynecologist nor can you forbid your husband to see a shrink if he feels he needs one. But you do have to be mindful that doctors can end up stealing your spouse so try to monitor the situation as best you can.

And pay attention to other “doctor” risks including doctors that your spouse works with. It is not just when there is a doctor/patient relationship that you need to worry. It can also be when they work together!