Diary of Nicole Kidman re Alexander Skarsgard and that Kiss

Dear Diary,

This kiss I gave Alexander at the Emmys won’t go away. It is a recurring nightmare and I am starting to wonder if this thing will be the beginning of the end of my marriage to Keith in retrospect. You know? I am so stressed out about it because Keith won’t stop pestering me about it and he keeps asking me if I have a thing for Alexander and he keeps saying I humiliated him in front of the world and he keeps asking me, what if he had done that with another woman in front of me. And it goes on and on. The press doesn’t help, btw. The press is not helping at all.

This is so, so ridiculous. Alexander and I share a great chemistry on screen and I enjoy playing his wife on TV and for heaven’s sake it’s all in a day’s work; a day’s pay. You know? Kissing Alexander is like kissing the couch in a way and I don’t say that to be derogatory or anything because Alexy is a very sexy guy. Very sexy and very attractive but I am not interested in real kissing him and I don’t get any feelings like I get when I kiss my husband. My real husband, not my TV husband.

I don’t even remember getting up to kiss him, to be honest, it was so automatic. I was on automatic pilot. I was nervous, excited, proud, the whole thing and I must have acted without thinking when I kissed him the way I did. I was not in my right head or my right mind at all.
Keith and me, this boy, this man, we have such a good marriage, such a good relationship. I could not have asked for a more perfect partner after Tom and that whole situation and I just love my husband so much.  My husband Keith, not my TV husband Alexander. Keith is a very, very good father and a good husband and partner. I cherish our relationship so, so much? I would never think of cheating on him. But if I ever thought of it, surely, if something was going on with Alexander, would I have gotten up and kissed the guy in the middle of everything in front of the world like that? Of course not. That is why I wish everybody would stop ribbing me about that ridiculous kiss.

It didn’t mean anything. Keith is just Keith. It is just my homey, that boy.

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