6 Fun Divorce Party Ideas


So, you are recently divorced and looking for divorce party ideas? Well, there are many ways to celebrate or commemorate your divorce, including having a blow out divorce party. But where should you go and how should you celebrate this momentous event? How about the divorce party ideas below:

  1. Have a girls or guys getaway for a sophisticated weekend someplace fancy. Get dressed up, have a few cocktails, get pampered, and flirt, flirt, flirt with everything that moves. Joy. That is the key. Joy. And good friends. This is the ultimate divorce party for you.
  2. Go to Egypt. This is a very exotic destination for a divorce party, filled with history and mystery and secrets and intrigue and spirituality. It is better not to go alone, especially if you are female but you can find a travel group or do a tour or something like that but this country will really put you in a certain frame of mind and you are going to feel invigorated and inspired afterwards and you will have new ideas for your post divorce life.
  3. Rent out a major tourist attraction in your city, like a museum, event space, restaurant or monument (if you have the budget) and host a fundraiser, benefit or gala in honor of something or someone other than yourself. Raise money and awareness in memory of your divorce
  4. Have a book signing. Did you write a book about divorce or know someone who wrote one? Organize a reading and book signing and promote the crap out of it so that there will be a ton of attendees.
  5. Go to Vegas. This one is not so original but it is a tried and true fun destination for a lot of life’s occasions including for your divorce party.
  6. Paris. No elaboration needed.

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