On feeling alone in your marriage

On Feeling Alone in Your Marriage

feeling alone in your marriage
feeling alone in your marriage

Feeling alone in your marriage must be one of the loneliest feelings you can ever contemplate. I cannot personally imagine being married and still feeling alone. How is that possible? How does it work? I guess two people can be married, can sit at the same table, sleep in the same bed, but there is no synchronicity between them, no connection or bond. They are just going through motions.

I definitely agree that feeling alone in your marriage is a basis for ending the marriage. I do not see a point to staying married to someone when you feel alone. You can be alone, for real, and be perfectly happy, rather than put up with that. But I guess before you ask for a divorce, you should try an intervention of sorts first. Have you got this problem? Are you feeling alone in your marriage? Have you spoken with your spouse about it? Have you tried to resolve the issue with therapy and counseling and other strategies first?

Because maybe the other person is clueless about how you feel and therefore cannot work to resolve the issue and save the marriage. And maybe it is worth giving them a chance to work on the marriage and to save it if possible. Obviously, some situations are beyond cure. And if the person is gone all the time whether actually or metaphorically and all you have for company is the dog, then, heck, maybe you should just pull the plug. No one enjoys feeling alone in their marriage, I don’t think. I don’t think anyone signs up for marriage just so they can wind up feeling alone. But I do think that some situations can be fixed and so before you ask for a divorce, you should try to talk it over and see if you can fix the problem, which, by the way, could be you.

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