Food: How to make divorce bread

How to make divorce bread

For a brief moment in my life, just before I left NYC, I got into making bread on an almost daily basis. But these were not like normal bread. These bread were typically so hard that folks would just laugh. They would just laugh. And I would laugh too because my bread was like a weapon, hard as a hammer, totally unbreakable and certainly hazardous to the teeth. (you could have used them to put nails into concrete walls pretty much.) So I stopped. What’s the point? Well, the point is that it can be a very cathartic experience.

It occurred to me that making bread after a divorce, even if it comes out as hard as a hammer, bread-making could be cathartic. Because I was always cathartized by my bread-making ventures. It was during the height of the recession just after Bernie Madoff confessed and I have to tell you, life was changing, big time, and the stress was immense, and so I would make these bread and there were occassions that they were actually not so hard, and could actually be eaten. And I broke bread with whomever was around and it was great. It was truly great.

Divorce Bread, to my way of thinking, is a lovely way to give thanks for your new life and for the past life you’ve had with your spouse, frankly. I mean, its so easy to remember only the bad times when you are getting a divorce, isn’t it? You can scarcely remember one good thing about the person. All you think and talk about, are the bad things, the bad times, the negatives.

But you know what? What if you made bread? And then, as a peace offering/send off, you offered to “break bread” with your ex? (I just had a funny thought and I am laughing because I just realized there are some couples who might be scared to do this, lest the bread-maker should put arsenic in the bread, or something. šŸ™‚ )

But there are couples who are not so acrimonious. There is such a thing as an amicable divorce and I recommend making a bread, and breaking it together, as you send each other off to the rest of your lives.

Ok. So how do you make divorce bread? Well, I am not going to give you one of my recipes because I would like for the bread to be edible. So try this link for a fabulous French Baguette (you can rename it divorce bread). I got it from theĀ Food Network so it has to be good.
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