How to Live it Down When Your Husband Leaves You For a Demonstrably Less Attractive Woman



When your husband leaves you for a more attractive woman, it is a blow to the ego but at least you can find a way to justify the loss. But when your husband leaves you for a woman who is demonstrably less attractive, it can send you reeling in a much more visceral way. Because how do you compete with a woman who is less attractive? With a woman who is more attractive, you can try to imitate her and fix your face, body and wardrobe to improve yourself. But for a less attractive woman what are you going to do? Make yourself less attractive?

Living it down when your husband leaves you for what you consider to be an ugly woman (or certainly uglier than you) is a conundrum that bedevils many beauties the world over. In a world where narcissism has been legitimized with platforms such as Instagram and technology like the smartphone, beauty has become more than just a superficial abstract noun. It is a brand, a commodity and for women used to being defined by their outward appearances, it can be particularly bruising to discover that not only is their beauty not enough to hold on to their man, husbands and relationships but that they could lose out to someone with even fewer abstract attributes.

The thing is, while nobody condones stealing other people’s boyfriends and husbands, sometimes it is possible that when your husband leaves you for a woman you think is “demonstrably less attractive” maybe she is not less attractive at all. It really is how you define that word. Maybe she is  “demonstrably nicer” than you are, and he finds that more beautiful than the ice princess mean girl you tend to be? It is a question. Because you could be perfectly nice. But there can be no denying that many so-called “beautiful people” can be mean as hell. And this is not so beautiful – is it? It is ugly as hell, in fact.  And so when your husband leaves for the little ugly mouse, maybe its because she is caring? And nice? And down to earth? Maybe she is a good listener? Maybe she makes him feel loved, needed and appreciated? Maybe she has some depth that goes beyond posting up her latest selfie on Instagram, or doing YouTube videos about her latest addition to her designer handbag collection and/or makeup tricks? I mean, who knows?

Again, the fact that you or others describe yourselves as beautiful does not mean you are not nice. And the fact that someone is “unattractive” does not mean they are nice. The outward does not determine the inward all the time. It is just to suggest that maybe what you think, in your subjective opinion, is less attractive, is really what he likes about her and why he left you for her: Because she is real. She has no airs, silicone or extensions or other fake appendages.  There is no pretense, showing offs or complexes. She is just a real person, a nice person, a decent person.

So how do you live it down when your husband leaves you for this person? Well, start by being less caught up in your physical looks and look within to see how you can be a better human being.

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