When the Kids are in Danger With Your Psycho Ex

When The Kids Are in Danger With your Psycho Ex How Do You Convince Doubters That You are Not the One Who is Crazy?

Sometimes, the kids are in danger with your psycho ex but you can’t convince anybody that your ex is psycho and so you suffer alone, living with the constant fear, frustration and dread that this person will harm or even murder your children and that people will come to their sense only when it is too late.

This does happen and more often than people are willing to admit, where one parent tries to convince the court and law enforcement that the kids are in danger with the ex but people are looking at this person as if they are the problem and may even accuse this person of trying to “alienate the children’s affection” from the other parent. Sometimes, claiming that the kids are in danger could even get a parent stripped of custody altogether.

And the truth is, that in a lot of circumstances (maybe too many), it is a fake cry for help when one parent¬† (usually the mother but not always) claims that the other parent is endangering the wellbeing and welfare of the children and should not be allowed to parent the child alone. A lot of times, this is fake. This is really what the court and everyone thinks: a low attempt to alienate the children’s affections from the other parent.

But. Just because some parents are guilty of parental alienation does not mean that in other circumstances, there aren’t legitimate concerns for the children’s safety. How many times in the news have you heard the horror stories of what some parents do to the children including shooting, starving, beating, driving them off a cliff, drowning, etcetera? Infanticide and child abuse is horrifyingly common, in fact, even when there is no divorce involved.

But you factor in divorce and this irrational hate and rage people feel towards each other and these poor children could really be in deep peril. The trouble is that some parents are able to hide their psychosis from the court and from society. Only the former spouse knows what they are capable of. Whether based on past behavior, private threats made, a wild look in the eyes that was not there before, or just a gut feeling. When this happens, it is a frightening and frustrating situation because of course, knowing your kids are in danger is bound to make anybody have sleepless nights but not being able to convince people (and them telling you and treating you like you are paranoid) well, this is a serious crisis.

What you should not do, is abducted the kids no matter how strong the urge you feel to protect them. Because this will be turned against you in a second. But you have to find a way to document your concerns and prove your assertions that your ex is a psycho in whose custody the kids are in danger. Video, audio, third party testimonies (or even testimonies from the kids depending on their age) will help. But they may not be enough. It can be a race against time. And unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. But really, time can be your enemy (or certainly that of the children) and you have to act quickly to save their lives – by any means necessary.

Really, with this, you just have to use your judgment or discretion (and sometimes, you have to just say, the heck with the law and the heck with the rules and take matters into your own hands) to save your children from a psychopath.

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