On Why You Should Never Let a Man Put His Foot/Shoes on Your Lap

A man’s foot and shoes should never be placed on the lap or body of a woman. Any woman who allows a man to put his foot on her is paying way too dearly for his company. Even if he does this playfully, she has to nip it in the bud right away if not she will regret it later on because he will take greater liberties to her detriment and humiliation.

The reason I write about this is that recently a reality tv star posted a picture on Instagram of him with his two feet embedded on the lap of his girlfriend du jour. She seemed only too happy to have this man use her as a pavement and/or dirt. They were in the beginning of their relationship – the honeymoon stage – and so, presumably, she thought what he was doing was lovey Dovey and cute. But no it’s not and it wasn’t. There is and was nothing lovey Dovey about the psychology of what this guy was doing to this girl. It was demeaning. At a minimum. Because think about it, shoes land in a lot of filthy places. You can’t always control what you step on and this guy was wearing these designer white sneakers that he had worn all over the place. And then still wearing the sneakers, he just ups and claps them on this girl’s lap as if she is like the dirt he walks on, as if she is a street or pavement. And she is just sitting there letting him do this, as if it was normal.

The thing is, this may well have been in jest, but there will come a time in the relationship when they are fighting or disagreeing when he will think nothing of going even further with the battery. And yes, this is a battery. But this type of battery if not nipped in the bud can turn to more painful and violent types of batteries where this guy would even feel he has the right to kick this girl or in other ways show his disrespect of her – which fundamentally is what he feels for her without even realizing it otherwise he would never have put his foot upon her like that.


Because today, he just uses you as pavement but tomorrow he could literally kick you there. It is a very bad precedent to allow this type of treatment.

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