The Quinquennium Divorce Pact NOT to Publicly Date For 5 Years After Divorce: Should You Sign It?

The Quinquennium Divorce Pact: NOT DATING OTHER PEOPLE FOR 5 YEARS AT LEAST. Would You Sign it?

Would you sign a 5 year divorce pact agreeing not to date publicly after you divorce?
When Tom Cruise divorced Katie Holmes several years ago, I was very sad about it. I like Tom and I felt that Katie could have been a bit more patient. So I was squarely team Cruise which put me in a minority in my circles. After their marriage ruptured, it seemed to take a long time for either of them to be seen publicly with anyone else.

I interpreted that as them possibly still being in love or being too hurt to try again so soon after their divorce. It turns out that there could have been another explanation. Some media reports are full of speculation that the couple had a pact, a 5 year divorce pact, that they would not publicly date anyone else after their divorce. Almost five years to the day, Katie was seen holding hands with another man and former friend of ex husband, Jamie Foxx.

Foxx and Holmes met through Cruise and soon after her divorce from Cruise, it is rumored they started to hook up. But never had there been any photographs of the couple, except for one a few years back with them locking fingers while sitting in office chairs. Thus if they were in fact dating all these years, they went to great lengths to conceal it from the public, reportedly due to the quinquennium/5-year divorce pact she had signed with her former husband.

Would you ever consider signing such a divorce pact? Or do you think it is only appropriate in a celebrity context? It can be imagined, perhaps, that such a divorce pact such as this¬† could benefit couples who are not celebrities under some circumstances. But there would have to be some legal consideration for that, some bargained for exchange. If one party has to keep their dating life secret, the other party could agree to pay more alimony. Of course, if the recipient of the alimony should breach the contract, they would lose the alimony. Not so clear if the payer spouse breaches. What would be the consequences? And how would the agreement be enforced? Because you can’t really reasonably expect someone not to date for 5 years if they have needs. And if the parties are not celebrities, then there will be no photographers taking photos of their every move so they will be able to date discreetly without subjecting the other to public humiliation.

So unless they are going to do stake outs of each other’s homes, couples who are not celebrities probably could not easily enforce this type of divorce pact. The couple could have their own boundaries established, of course. They could agree not to bring their paramours in front of the minor children, for example. And yes, it could be up to 5 years or longer after the divorce. And obviously, they can enforce this simply by asking the children. Furthermore, even in the case where there are no children, they could agree not to remarry for at least 5 years under penalty of losing alimony or paying more alimony. It really comes down to what makes sense for the couple and what they are willing to agree to or give up prior to marriage.

But generally speaking, this type of Holmes/Cruise Quinquennium divorce pact is more appropriate for celebrity couples who have a reputation and image to protect and not for the regular Joes and Jills.

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