If Your Ex Dies or Commits Suicide is it Normal to Feel Liberated as if Your Life Has Just Begun?

If Your Ex Dies and You are Happy About it You May Actually Need Therapy

If your ex dies or commits suicide, this is obviously not usually a cause for celebration for normal people under normal circumstances. But it is possible that you were in a circumstance that was not normal and so if you feel “liberated” as if your life has “just begun” upon learning of your ex’s death, who are we to judge?

Relationships are very complicated and what goes on or went on between two people, well, that is their private affair. Maybe you don’t have to walk around telling people that your ex died and you feel liberated and joyful because of that because they will definitely look at you askance. This is especially true if you have young children involved in this situation and now the children have only one parent and you are walking around talking about how “liberated” you feel. It is insensitive, to say the least, and would not be at all normal for you to walk around being vocal about that.

But there is no question that you have a right to your private feelings. There are bound to be residual, unresolved issues between you two if you feel this sense of liberation after a death or suicide and no one can judge that because, again, this was your private affair.
If the situation you were in was particularly vitriolic, abusive and violent, you can almost be forgiven for feeling the way you do about the situation. Maybe you were fighting over money and maybe you felt taken advantage of in that arena or maybe there was a third party and your trust had been violated. Who knows what your situation is and why you feel joy at this person’s death?

Just don’t walk around telling everybody your truth because most people would not understand being jubilant that someone has just killed themselves. And in fact, even if you are not “jubilant” but you are just relieved or you just feel liberated, maybe you should still consider getting a little bit of therapy.

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