Post Divorce Dating Tips From Meghan Markle

American actress Meghan Markle has captivated Britain’s Prince Harry as well as the rest of the world. The once married divorc√©e and the second son of the late Princess of Wales are rumored to be already engaged to be married sometime in 2018. What is remarkable about Meghan Markle is not just the fact that she has bagged a royal (given that she is a “commoner”) but also the fact that she has managed to keep her relationship with the prince under wraps for as long as she has and she has done it with such class and grace.

In this post, I imagine ten tips Meghan Markle might give to young women who like herself are dating “up.”

  1. Know, fundamentally, that you are enough
  2. Do not let yourself be defined by any relationship
  3. Tune out the noise and focus on your partner
  4. Keep things private and secret as long as possible
  5. Consider long distance dating but not indefinitely and for too long
  6. Always seek to upgrade yourself and your partner
  7. Create excitement by traveling a lot
  8. Keep your own identity
  9. Be willing to give up what is necessary to make the relationship work
  10. Be you.

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