Megyn Kelly's Today Show Ratings Continue to Tank: Will husband Douglas Brunt Ask for a Divorce & Leave Her?


Megyn Kelly’s Today Show ratings have been in a death spiral since day one of her arrival to the morning chat show. Page Six has done countless articles about the former Fox Files host, predicting that her abysmal ratings will destroy Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb’s ratings as well. It seems that things are a huge mess for poor Megyn because NBC execs have betted a ton of money on her in a multi-year contract that challenges what Matt Lauer gets.

Recently, Page Six reported that Matt Lauer had helpfully thrown Megyn under the bus when asked about rumors that Megyn was having trouble booking celebrity guests for her show. Apparently, celebrities have shun Megyn’s show and so her Today show ratings are in a free fall.

The question is whether Megyn Kelly’s today show ratings could end up not just causing her career to hit a brick wall, but also spill over into her personal life and damage if not destroy her marriage to Douglas Brunt. Megyn married Douglas Brunt, a writer, in 2008 after a failed marriage to a Virginia doctor named Dr. Dan Kendall.¬† In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2015, Kendall famously told the newspaper that his marriage to Megyn failed because they both “needed a wife.” Ouch. He says he needed someone to cook and clean (is this the definition of “wife” nowadays?) and so did Megyn. He also said that Megyn needed a “type B husband.”

So when Megynb married Douglas in 2008, and he was a writer, Dan breathed a sigh of relief for Megyn because he felt that Douglas embodied all the qualities and characteristics Megyn needed in a husband and which he, Dan, lacked.

Fast forward to 2017. Hot and fresh after winning the Miss Popularity Contest during the 2016 elections due to an ongoing feud with then presidential candidate Donald Trump, whereby the latter seemed utterly obsessed with Megyn, the former FOXNEWS anchor’s bankability shot through the stratosphere.¬† Everybody was throwing money at her to keep her or get her on their network and in the end, NBC won out. They hired her for reportedly $23 million dollars per year for multiple years.

It is a lot of money and it means that even if husband Douglas Brunt does not sell any books for the foreseeable future, the Kelly/Brunts will be just fine financially. Money will be the least of their problems. The problem is not money. The potential problem is the stress Megyn will be under. That is, if Megyn Kelly’s Today Show ratings continue to tank, she is going to be under serious stress both at work and at home. She is going to need a wife or a very, very sensitive husband who can tell her the right things and make her feel like everything is going to be OK. She does not need a type A type of guy like Dan Kendall at a time like this.

Is Douglas Brunt a sensitive type of guy, sensitive enough to help Megyn through this career crisis? Well, he reportedly works from home and is an enormous help with the kids, just by virtue that he does not have a 9 to 5 job and he is there, at home, when Megyn is at the office. This is bound to be a huge help. It would have been a disaster if Dan Kendall were her husband and he was at the hospital day and night working with patients and helping them to manage their pain. So Douglas gets huge points on this score.

But could the stress of Megyn’s job prove too much for Douglas to handle? Could he cave in under the pressure of having to hold up this heavy a load? Let’s face it, Megyn Kelly’s Today Show ratings are really awful right now and the network is in panic mode according to reports. Are these fake reports? Or true reports? It is hard to say. Because apparently, the Today Show beat Good Morning America in the ratings across all demographics last week. Of course, Good Morning America does not have a fourth hour. There is Live with Regis and Kelly which is what Megyn is up against and they are leaving Megyn in the dust ratings wise, reportedly. This matters because NBC canned Al Roker and Tamron Hall in favor of Megyn and as it stands, the duo had better ratings than Megyn is currently getting. So it’s been a disaster. And a huge embarrassment for Megyn who was offered more money by FOX execs to remain at FOX as a political analyst but turned it down after throwing her former boss Roger Ailes (now deceased after an abrupt and unexpected demise) under the bus for sexual harassment.

All of this is very heavy drama and it could turn out to be too much for Megyn to handle and then when she takes it home to Douglas, well, he could end up feeling overwhelmed and beleaguered by the whole thing and it could potentially create a conflict from which they can only emerge with a divorce.

We can hope not and we can hope that Megyn’s career woes will not negatively impact her marriage and we can hope they will invest in couple’s therapy before they even realize they need it. But time will tell as it always does with these things. In the meantime, what she needs is another feud with President Trump. And maybe go back to her roots a little bit with the politics. Otherwise, she very well could have destroyed her carefully built career with this move to NBC – and as a consequence, her marriage to Douglas Brunt.

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