John Marriott III on How to Get Disinherited From Your Family's Billion Dollar Fortune

How to Get Disinherited From Your Family’s Billion Dollar Hotel Empire Trust? Let’s Ask John Marriott

John Marriott III, heir to the Marriott Hotel Fortune (worth in the billions according to Forbes) made the mistake of getting divorced from his wife Angela in 2015, and now, according to him, his father and uncle have disinherited him from the family fortunes worth in the billions USD dollars. So John Marriott III is suing his father and uncle claiming that they took away all his inheritance just because he got a divorce and he really believes he got a bum deal with that.

John Marriott III’s family is Mormon, according to Page Six. And apparently, when you are Mormon you are not allowed to get divorced. Notwithstanding this, John Marriot III broke rank with his family’s religious persuasions and divorced his wife against his father’s wishes and thereby incurred his father’s wrath.

According to, the Marriott Hotels, a publicly traded company, is the “largest publicly traded hotel empire in the world.” But family squabbles over John’s alcohol and substance abuse issues led to his forced resignation in 2006 from the position of CEO of the organization though he remains on the board of directors. According to multiple media sources, he went on to form another family business JWM which garnered more than $30 million in profits for the family business and saved them loads in taxes company. Still, he says, his father stripped him of that as well following his 2015 divorce from ex wife Angela Marriott. Apparently, this was against his parent’s wishes and Angela remains close to John’s family though he is pretty much estranged from them due to this divorce from Angela.

The bottom line that John Marriot III seems to have missed is that Mormons do not get divorced. In his court filings in the District of Columbia where he and his family lives, he alleges that his father told him “you are leaving your family” when he announced that he was leaving Angela circa 2014-2015. The family was adamant that John should not break up his family for another woman and he went ahead anyway and left Angela for the girlfriend with whom he still resides according to the Washingtonian report.

John Marriott III’s father Bill Marriott and his uncle Richard Marriott control the family trust which was established by John’s grandparents John Williard Marriott and Alice Marriott. John’s lawsuit claims that they are in breach of their fiduciary duty towards him by locking him out of the family trust and preventing his access to the family fortunes.
It seems that John is equally estranged from his siblings, a trio of high achievers who appear to be the apples of their father’s eyes due to their strong worth ethic and humility as well as their respect for the Mormon faith:

Bill’s three other children are widely liked executives at Marriott. The eldest, Debbie, 49, has an office next to her dad’s. Stephen, 47, though blind and deaf, travels the country to train sales staff. David, the youngest at 33, has on his office wall a white chef’s coat inscribed CEO trainee, a gift from former coworkers.

John claims he still idolizes his father Bill and hopes to reconcile with his family all of whom have shun him due to this situation with Angela and the divorce. He is hoping that by filing this lawsuit, his dad and uncle and the rest of the family will come to their senses and take him back into the fold.

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