Divorce Diary of Wendy Williams: Divorce? Kevin and me are not getting divorced!

wendy williams divorce
wendy williams divorce

Dear Diary

I fainted on the air the other day and suddenly the narrative is I am getting a divorce. One little faint and it is the talk of the town still. It was because of my darn halloween outfit, people. The Statue of Liberty! It was just so darned hot. But everybody thinks I have all this stress about my marriage and they are speculating that I am getting divorced from my husband all because he has a woman friend and bought her a house.

There will be no Wendy Williams divorce, folks! My husband did not buy this woman a house! I don’t even know what everybody is talking about with that but to suggest that I fainted on the air because of that whole situation and that my husband and me are getting divorced is so silly but how do I convince these people that they are wrong? I am a mess about this. I am a mess about this. This makes me very light-headed.

I also heard that I am back on drugs and that this has driven my husband and me apart but this is also ridiculous but I can’t stop people from thinking what they want to think. I am not back on drugs and me and my husband are solid as a rock and we are not getting divorced. To tell you the truth, even if my husband was cheating on me, still, I would not divorce him. I love my husband more than anything and he is excited in bed, he is the most exciting man I have ever had in my bed and do you seriously think I would divorce this man? And replace him with what?

The thing is, sometimes, I do wonder if he wants a divorce and I am Wendy Williams? I am the one with all the money. Do we have a prenup? I don’t even want to go into it but we live in New Jersey. So it is an equitable distribution state (I asked my lawyer about it years back) so it’s not like he will get half of my money but still.

This thing with the younger woman Kevin is supposed to be dating does give me some headaches, just between you and me. Do you think it’s true? Do you think Kevin would leave me for another woman? A younger woman? And take all my money? And give it to her?
I would never assassinate my husband. I would never assassinate this woman and I would never hire an assassin to kill them either. But do you think he is contemplating leaving me for this woman? I feel sick. I feel so light-headed. I think I am going to faint all over again.

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