DIVORCE INSOMNIA: When Splitting up leaves you sleepless in Seattle

Divorce Insomnia: When Splitting Up Leaves You Sleepless in Seattle What Do You Do?

divorce insomnia
divorce insomnia?

Do you have divorce insomnia? Do you find yourself unable to sleep because you are up 24 hours a days thinking and obsessing about your divorce? Do you find yourself racked with anxiety, depression and worry because of a recent or impending divorce?
This is not uncommon. Divorce insomnia does seem to affect a lot of people. This is perfectly understandable in most cases. Divorce insomnia seems like a natural possible side effect of having your life suddenly topsy turvy when your spouse asks for a divorce unexpectedly. Even if you expected it, divorce insomnia could still hit you hard because, heck, you are getting divorce! And now you can’t sleep!

What are you supposed to do now? How about:

  1. Exercise during the day (not too close to bedtime)
  2. Use technology to your advantage (apps, YouTube, music, etc) that can provide options such as percussion music, audios of waves, rainfall etc right before bed.
  3. Investigate sleep inducing vitamins and minerals and take them.
  4. Use visualization techniques to imagine very relaxing scenarios while you are in bed trying to fall asleep
  5. Read an engrossing book
  6. Focus on proper breathing
  7. Count to 10,000
  8. Have a heavy carbohydrate meal such as pasta and drink milk 2 hours before bed
  9. Make sure your bed is clean & comfortable with nice smelling sheets and soft, inviting pillows
  10. Take a vitamin D pill regularly
  11. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine or sugary drinks close to bedtime.
  12. Watch a boring program on TV (monotonous with low noise pollution) but one that provides useful information nonetheless.

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