10 Reasons to Call off the Divorce


So you want to call off the divorce. When you filed for divorce, in the first instance, you were angry as hell and not going to take it anymore. FED UP! But as time has gone on, your anger has dissipated and your spouse has really changed miraculously for the better. You did not know he or she could be so good! Is this for real or is this fake? Should you go ahead and end the marriage or should you call off the divorce? And the whole world knows about it because you practically took out an advert that you were getting divorced and now you feel silly for having to say you are calling the whole thing off.

So what should you do? Go ahead with ending the marriage? Or stay put?
Here are 10 reasons you should call off the divorce:

  1. Call off the divorce if you have even small doubts that the divorce is the right option for you.
  2. If you still love this person, then love should conquer all.
  3. Imagine that one day this person could become president of the United States and you will be the First Spouse
  4. Moreover, call it off if you are doing it because you think there is a perfect mate out there for you.
  5. You should also nix the divorce if there are young children involved and the spouse’s fault is minor all things considering.
  6. Even if your spouse committed a big sin, you should call off the divorce if you respect your vows to stay married for better or for worse (or you should not have taken those vows.)
  7. If you are getting divorced because the person cheated, you are just making it easy for the other person to “win.”
  8. If you are financially dependent, getting divorced could mean financial hardship down the road even worse than you can possibly anticipate right now.
  9. You should call off the divorce because you are not perfect either.
  10. Finally, you should call off the divorce if you have not tried everything such as counseling, to make your marriage work.

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