Can This Marriage Be Saved? Maybe But You Probably Should Hire a Cleaning Lady.


Can this marriage be saved? I read somewhere recently that the reason a lot of people are unhappy in their marriages is that they don’t outsource work they don’t like enough. One of the types of work mentioned in the article was housework like doing the dishes. Apparently, some people hate these mundane tasks so much, that they literally become depressed.
Imagine if you were married to this person who is miserable as heck because they don’t want to do household chores anymore. Believe it or not, this could lead either directly or indirectly to divorce and next thing you know you are at your shrink’s office asking “Can this marriage be saved”?

Unfortunately, household work still disproportionately on women so they are particularly prone to wondering can this marriage be saved. There are a lot of secretly unhappy and resentful wives out there who are sick and tired of doing housework and they really wish that their husbands be more sensitive to this issue.

Here is a suggestion: if you can afford it, why not hire a maid or cleaning service? No one is saying you have to have these people come to your home every day but certainly, twice a month is bound to help and if it will save your marriage in the long run, I don’t know why in the world you wouldn’t invest in something so simple and affordable (in most cases).

Of course, nobody is telling you to go out there and hire a Gisele Bundchen Brazilian lookalike and parade her in front of your husband in a thong because in that situation, the answer to the question “can this marriage be saved” will be painfully obvious. Neither are we suggesting that you need to become the new Maria Shriver. You have to be careful. But we are saying that under the right set of circumstances, hiring a maid could be just the thing your marriage needs.

Food for thought.

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