Dirty divorce tricks and how to beat your wives at their own game (for men, husbands, dads)

GUYS, YOU HAVE RIGHTS. FATHER’S HAVE RIGHTS. DADS HAVE RIGHTS. HUSBANDS HAVE RIGHTS. Don’t let your wife run all over you in your divorce. YOU CAN WIN YOUR DIVORCE. You can beat your wife at her own game! Fight dirty! Fight to win!

First of all, have you read the book No BS Divorce Strategies For Men? If your answer is no, run, don’t walk to your computer and get a copy now. The book was written by a stock analyst and it is 136 pages of gold. Get yourself a copy. Today. You can get it in e-book form. Just Google the title and you’ll be good to go.

Look, divorce is hard on all of us. Believe me, it was hard on me and it is even harder on the next guy. But if you understand the fundamentals, you can beat your wives at every dirty trick that she throws your way.

First of all, just accept that they have an advantage and figure out in your unique situation how to wrestle that advantage away. This is a sport. Women initiate almost 90% of divorces and in nearly 90% of the cases, they win the custody battle. But why you ask yourselves? Are they better at being wives than we are at being husbands? Are they better at being a parent than we are at being fathers? Maybe. But it could also be that they know how to manipulate the system better too. They are online in chat rooms getting tricks and strategies from their online girlfriends and they get divorce lawyers and judges who are totally biased towards men. So that may play a big role in the circus more than casually concluding that they are better mothers or better spouses than we are.

Now, one of the main things women do early on to get an advantage in a divorce action, is they bring an ORDER OF PROTECTION against you. They try to paint you in the blackest light before the court. They accuse you of a ton of sins some you haven’t even ever thought of before. And the judges believe them! That is why it is so important to read the bible on this issue, by Matt O’Connell. He tells you exactly what to do about that. But whatever you don’t take it lying down. Challenge the OP. Let her prove it. Bring in your own proof to disprove it. Get an order of protection against her! And be a gentleman in court. Don’t show how angry you are about this filing. The court could make a negative inference about your anger even if it is justified.

Now, depending on where you live, you have a better or worse chance of getting custody.  You better believe your wife is going to fight dirty with this one. First of all, she wants custody because, sure she may love the kids, but it also means she gets a lot more money from you than she would get if she didn’t have the kids. So she is going to try to show that she is the better parent, that you were an absentee father who “worked all the time” and had nothing to do with raising the kids. Again, read Matt’s book to get the low down on how to protect yourself and fight back. Of course, it is easy to fight back if you can prove you have been involved with the kids. Your pictures, social media, and friends and school staff are your friends. You have to show the court you are an involved parent. Does she have any vices? Like does she take drugs? Is she living an illicit or dangerous life? Are you better to provide for the children’s financial needs while at the same time you are an involved dad? Bring in your proof. Gather them methodically and bring them to court!  Just because you work doesn’t mean you can’t hire a babysitter.  In court, make sure you never disparage your wife or act angry or aggressive.

Be the mature one in court and the judge will notice. Let the wife do all the catty stuff and act off the rails and the court will notice. Show the court how she refuses to get a job if she won’t work. How is that good for the kids? Kids need money for their care. That should not be your responsibility alone. That should mitigate against her custody demands. Also, if you are back in a stable Relationship like a marriage to a stable woman, this could help especially if your ex-wife is serial dating and exposing the kids to instability.

If necessary hire a private investigator to keep a tab on her and see what she is up to. You might be surprised by what you find out!

But make no mistake about it. The biggest, toughest battle is not the kids. It is going to be about money. She will leave you penniless if you let her. Take every dime and leave you with the shirt on your back – if that. I know guys who were ordered to pay their wives up to 75% of their pensions that they worked hard for their whole working lives! And half the time the wife did nothing to contribute to this. She sat at home and claims that because she raised the kids she should get all your money. But it’s a balancing act because you can fight for custody and spend hundreds of thousands. Or you can ask yourself whether the cost/benefit analysis works in your favor. And do you really want custody? There are certain benefits to being a non-custodial parent. The point being doesn’t just succumb to your wife’s dirty divorce tricks. But at the same time, protect yourself and make sure what you want before you act. Try to protect your assets in a legal way. Move them out of her reach but in a legal way. Try bitcoins. Ever heard of bitcoins??? This is a new digital way to hide your money. Investigate it.

Oh, and get a damn good divorce lawyer. It doesn’t have to be a “rainmaker” type. But somebody who knows what the hell he/she is talking about and an expert in divorce law – preferably one focused on father’s rights.  Chances are, there’s no other way you will beat her without good back up.

Last point. Educate yourself. Know the industry Inside out. Know the trends, the divorce lawyers, the divorce laws in your area. It is in your best interest.

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