How to Find a Rich Husband the Second Time Around



So, you want to know how to find a rich husband the second time around after the disaster known as your first marriage (to that pauper!) That is why you are reading this post. Well, I don’t have a rich husband and like you, I would like to find one. But I have done some read ups on this question of how to find a rich husband and it seems that, if you want to know how to find a rich husband, the first thing you should do is google the topic. There are tons and tons of stuff. Just like how to divorce an assassin, which is the post I did right before this one.

On the question of how to find a rich husband, what I think I have learned is that you first of all have to have a life of your own. You can’t be needy and looking for the rich husband to define you and give you structure and a life. You need your own life. You need to cultivate an exciting life filled with friends, events, galas, travels, dining experiences and books. Why books? Well, you have to be well read on subjects that rich men would be interested in. The trouble is there are all sorts of rich men so pinpointing what the rich man you will one day meet will be interested in is hard. So as far as reading, try to be a jack of all trades. Be able to converse on a lot of different topics.

The other thing I think I learned about how to find a rich husband is you have to look like a fairly classy lady. You can’t be walking around the place all unkempt, smelly and fishy and looking like crap. You have to look good and smell good and even if you don’t have a lot of money, go to a thrift shop and pick out quality old clothes, get them cleaned and pressed and start to wear them rather than dressing in a lot of acrylic, floosy, cheap and gaudy things. Take care of your hair and skin and nails too. You can have short hair as long as it is stylish and clean and touchable and you can have dark skin or light skin so long as it radiates health and vitality. Don’t think you have to be covered in tons and tons of makeup but do be aware that men prefer that you look fabulous even if you wear a of makeup as rich husbands like to have trophy looking wives on their arms. Just be classy and think quality above flash.

Ditto for your baubles. Smaller is better than bigger as far as earrings, for example – especially if it is fake. Never, ever, wear flashy jewelry when you are trying to find a rich guy and don’t wear any rings on your fingers. Your jewelry should be limited to a nice watch, small earrings and maybe a bracelet.

You need to have a good exercise and diet routine going that does wonders for your physique as very few rich husbands want a fat, unattractive wife. Some might, eh? But it is rare. So be slim and healthy and toned and sexy so that he feels he is getting a real prize.
Hang out where the rich men hang out. They like technological gadgets so anyplace there are techy gadgets, conferences and shops, you should live there pretty much. But they also like money so you should hang around banks and if that seems too desperate, at least find out where the bankers hang out for drinks and make sure you are there at happy hour. Rich men who can become husbands like high end dining experiences so check out 4star hotel bars and sports bars at lunch time and after work too. All else fails you can also hang out as a colleague of theirs! Get a job where they work – even if it is as the coat check girl! The next question is bound to be where do they work? Well, hey, a lot of them seem to congregate on Wall Street. It almost doesn’t seem to matter their provenance.

While we are on the subject of how to find a rich husband, when you travel, try to travel business class if you have the cash as this could expose you to men with deeper pockets who potentially could become your rich husband later on after a few months of dating. But it is wrong-headed to think you could not find your rich husband in economy. There are a lot of very frugal rich guys who don’t spend money idly on things like expensive airplane seats. Of course, there is frugality and then there is the cheap bastard. You have to be careful here because there is no point in having a rich husband if he is going to hoard his money and force you to live like someone on benefits. This is just crass.

How else could I answer this question of how to find a rich husband? It could actually be easier to find a rich husband if you are rich yourself, apparently. It is a total paradox but a  lot of rich guys seem to appreciate a woman who has her own money and likewise avoid gold diggers like the plague so if you are looking for a sugar daddy to get you out of poverty? You may have to wait for another lifetime. This one, a lot of the rich guys are up to the gold diggers and they will not marry you, though they will be happy for a roll in the sack. So, to find the rich husband, be rich and you will find a rich husband!

….And it does not hurt to live close by either. Move into the same building or just across the street. This could yield some benefits.