Married After a Long Distance Relationship Only to Find Out Living Together is the Pïtts?


long distance relationship
So you got married after a long distance relationship that you were in for years and years and suddenly, you can’t seem to get along with your spouse. The marriage is the pits. Being together in the same house and the same country is the pits. Familiarity has bred all this contempt and you want a divorce.

It happens you know. It happens. Some relationships should be at a distance and remain at a distance. A lot of people who get married after a long distance relationship find that it just does not work. The proximity to this person they loved so much when they lived far apart, completely destroys and kills the love they felt for this person.

Why does this happen? Why does getting married after a long distance relationship have such peril for so many? Maybe some people just really need their space. The whole reason they are in a long distance relationship in the first place is that they need space. They don’t like to be up under anybody and they don’t like anybody being in their hair all the time. They crave space, independence. Plus, it is just a whole different dynamic when you are sending love letters and cute emails to a person and when you have to wake up next to them every single day and deal with their issues and angst and B.O and bad breath.

Because when you only see each other once in a while, it is precious. You are on your best behavior. You make sure you look good and smell good and you are at your best, charming as the day is long and loving, attentive and gallant. You can’t sustain this 24/7 of course. But your lover turned spouse may unrealistically expect you to sustain this because that is the very thing they fell in love with and so when you go ahead and get married after a long distance relationship and you start to be “real” the relationship falls apart because of this reality check. It is a huge, rude, awakening.

But don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of people.

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