On When Your Husband Wants You to Dress up in Slutty Outfits. Should you Divorce Him?


husband wants you to dress up in slutty outfits
husband wants you to dress up in slutty outfits?

A friend confided recently that her husband always wants her to dress up in slutty outfits.
When I pointed out that she is the most conservative dresser I have ever seen in my entire life, she explained that it is when they are in the boudoir that this happens, where he asks her to dress up in slutty outfits. I almost died laughing. I mean, you should have seen her face as she was talking to me. It just left this imprint in my mind, this visual. So for perfect clarification, I asked her to explain one of the outfits, a typical get up. And girl, I think I shouldn’t even repeat it. It was at once disturbing and amusing. I felt bad for her but at the same time, I just couldn’t stop laughing. I think her husband is not well, to tell you the truth. I have always had a sneaking suspicion that a few screws are loose. And her confession confirmed my suspicions.

But this can be a serious matter. It is not just my friend who has a freaky husband who wants her to dress up like a glorified woman of the night. A lot of women seem to have guys with this fetish. And it is a fetish when your husband demands that you put on one of these get-ups. Any husband who asks his wife to dress up in slutty outfits, well, this is not even just a fetish. Because he is not the one who has to compromise his values.

In a way, it is a debasement of his wife, I think, all kidding aside. It completely turns her into a filthy, soiled, disgusting rag. I exclaimed: “I mean, who does that? Does he think you’re a prostitute?? What if you get divorced from this guy? You will lose all your innocence for your next husband! If I had a husband who asked me to dress up in slutty outfits, I would divorce him!”

It was her turn to laugh at me. She said I was being a little bit naive and dramatic. On the one hand, she feels like she does not want to dress up as often as he wants her to (it seems he wants her to dress up every time they have sex) but she doesn’t mind it on occasion.

What do you think about this? Do you think that when your husband wants you to dress up in slutty outfits, is this the basis for a divorce? Would you stay married to this person?

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