Elon Musk Musk Ad Astra School For his Kids is Great but Not Every Child Should be Home Schooled After Divorce


ad astra school
ad Astra school

Elon Musk Ad Astra School is a private educational compound he created in California to educate his children after divorce from his now ex-wife Justine Musk. Elon has 5 children with his ex-wife, twins, and triplets reportedly spawned by IVF. Does he have custody of the children? It appears that he might as they are always with him whether on vacation with him and his girlfriends or at school.

Ad Astra School is a very secretive institution. Apparently, Elon has only spoken about Ad Astra School in an interview in Beijing back in 2015 and he has not discussed the school again in public. Ad Astra School does not have a website or telephone because Elon does not want anyone to know anything about the school.

Can a parent just pull their children out of school and form a private school like Musk’s Ad Astra School? What if every parent who got divorced did that? Can a parent just do that? Well, Elon Musk is a rich man and he has the resources to home school his children if he wants. Ad Astra School is really homeschooling his children. But there are other students who are allowed to go, the school has about 30-40 students. Prior to creating Ad Astra School (Ad Astra means “to the stars” in Latin) Elon and Justine had the boys (he does not have any girl children, only boys) in a private school for gifted children. But he felt that that private school was not sufficient. It did not properly meet the demands or needs of his children. Also, Elon has said that he was bullied as a child when at school. He even told a story once of bullies convincing his best friend to set him up so that they could beat him up when he was a kid.

So he is a very sensitive father who wants to protect his children at all costs and this is good motivation to have pulled the kids out of a more “public” institution and instead form Ad Astra School.

But not every parent should model Elon in this respect. After divorce parents can become possessive of the children and each can think they know what is best for the children and this can really create havoc. The parents may not be as rich as Elon Musk is and thus cannot create the kind of school like Ad Astra School that Elon has created for his sons. But they may feel they can best educate the children at home, for example, and they may want to pull the children out of their regular school. This is often a mistake. In Elon’s case, Ad Astra is probably a great place to receive an education because he has the resources and he also reportedly brought along some of the teachers from his children’s former school and so there is going to be a rich pedagogy there and there is going to be created and the man is a genius so his input, his personal input into what is taught and how it is taught is bound to be invaluable. But how many Elon Musks are there in the world? Not every parent is Elon Musk and not every school is going to be Ad Astra School and so parents need to proceed with caution when forming home-school institutions for their children.

But yea. Ad Astra School is the talk of the community these days. And so is Elon Musk. Even we have become a little bit fascinated with this quintessential engineer. Do you think he would do an interview with us about life as a divorced dad of five?? He is so cute! Giggle. 🙂

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