Your After Divorce Travel Weekend to Aspen, Colorado (Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow)


after divorce travel
After divorce travel

Your After divorce travel weekend to Aspen, Colorado is going to be just amazing. Our friend Gywyneth Paltrow just did this incredibly in depth article on what to do and what to pack to go to Aspen and it was just so delicious that we had to jump on it and recommend not just the article, which you can find here, but the trip itself.

Of course, “after divorce travel” is a whole industry because so many people feel the need to spread their wings and pack their bags when their marriage ends, as a way to rejuvenate, self-inspire and decompress. Obviously, this section of Divorce Saloon, After Divorce Travel, is quite new but hopefully you will be able to find some ideas for your own after divorce travel experiences.

So, according to GOOP, there are basically 3 main hotels and places to stay while in Aspen: The Jerome, the St. Regis and the Little Nell. Each obviously has its own appeal. From the sound of it; if you are looking to meet people and connect and flirt, maybe the Little Nell will be your best bet. If you are carting the kids, try the St. Regis which GOOP promises caters to families.

If you are going to go to Aspen for your after divorce travel present to self, be sure to look hot, cozy and worth getting to know. This is not going to be cheap when you consider the fashion spread on GOOP. A Fendi ski helmet will take you back $1,040 dollars. Fingerless gloves by the Elder Statesman will take you back $450 dollars. And a pair of Miller Sports skis will be $1699. So keep in mind this is not going to be a cheap weekend because you still need jacket, scarf, boots, and so on and this is on top of the hotel, food, airfare etc.

You should definitely read the article on GOOP as I think it is an informative one and even if you don’t use all the fashion tips at least you can get some good ideas.
Happy after divorce traveling!