How to End Your Marriage With a Kiss

end your marriage with a kiss

End your marriage with a kiss

So you are curious to know how to end your marriage with a kiss. It really is not that difficult. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow (why do we always go back to extolling her virtues?) have mastered the art of ending their marriages with a kiss.

The key to end your marriage with a kiss is to cast blame out of the window, first of all. You cannot end your marriage with a kiss, a real kiss, if you are angry and filled with rage at this person, and most of all if you blame this person for the death of the marriage. No. Rather, you realize and recognize and accept and admit that a part of the problem was you, so you don’t even go there. You don’t blame anybody. Not yourself and not your spouse.

The second key aspect of how to end your marriage with a kiss is that you have to mutually decide there will be no blood bath and vitriol and hatred between you two as you part ways. You have to agree to have an amicable split. Sometimes, it will mean a really long transition process whereby you continue to live together even when you have already filed for divorce. Some celebrities like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner did that. They took years from filing the paperwork to actually moving out into separate homes. Ben lived in a guest house on their property for nearly 2 years before he moved on with Lindsay Shookus – the producer from SNL. This aspect is very important, the slow transition. It makes it easier to end things with a kiss.

The third key aspect of how to end your marriage with a kiss is that you have  to have a divorce honeymoon. Just like you went off on a nice trip when you got married, you also have to have a nice trip when you divorce. If you check out all the celebs who divorced with a kiss, they went off on holiday together to say their final goodbye to their couple. Again, not to keep tooting Gwyneth’s horn, but she and Chris Martin did it. As did Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. As did Jennifer and Ben, and others, like Elon Musk and both his ex wives.

Why is this step important? Well, because it is. It is on your divorce honeymoon that you will actually share your last kiss as a couple. There is nothing more romantic and memorable than that and so you cannot end your marriage with a kiss unless you take this step.

Finally, to end your marriage with a kiss, you have to have a life to go to after the kiss. It can’t work if you are depressed and worried about what is going to happen to you. The transition period should have been long enough that you have arranged things in such a way that you have been cultivating a new life for yourself and you are excited about the possibilities that await you. Without this element, you will be resentful, jealous, and maybe a little bit pathetic. This is not conducive to ending the relationship with a kiss. If you think about it, didn’t most of these celebrities that ended their marriage with a kiss already have a new relationship lined up before the ink even dried on their divorce papers? This is key. Try to line up a relationship during the transition period so you won’t mind kissing the person goodbye because you have something else to go home to.

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