Gwyneth Paltrow engaged
Oscar-Winning Actress Gwyneth Paltrow

I just read somewhere that Gwyneth Paltrow is engaged to Brad Falchuk, her new boyfriend post-divorce from Chris Martin. Is this true??? How exciting for her! We are huge Gwyneth fans at Divorce Saloon and we wish her the best and we are overjoyed that she has found a new husband in her post-divorce life.

To be honest, when we heard she was divorcing Chris Martin years ago, we were bereft. He seemed like the perfect guy for her and they had these two perfect and adorable children and we could not imagine that there would be life for her after Chris. We thought she was dunzo.

But the Gwyneth Paltrow engaged headlines are all over the Internet and social media as well as traditional media. I believe I read the story on as a matter of fact. Gwyneth is engaged to be married again! Yeah!

Wonder when the nuptials will be? This is the second Brad for Gwyneth by the way. The first Gwyneth Paltrow engaged headlines was back in the 1990s when she was in her early twenties and Brad Pitt was an up and coming A-list actor. They famously engaged and then famously broke up and it took Gwynnie 7 years to get over that guy. She was so lost after her break up from Brad and his subsequent marriage to Jennifer Aniston. It was so bad that Gwyneth literally had to change continents. She literally moved away to England and married an English guy and we were so happy she found an English guy because we were so worried for her during those difficult post-Brad Pitt years (which is why when she announced that she and Chris were consciously uncoupling, we were very worried).

But we shouldn’t have. She has rebounded very nicely and who even knew they were so serious she and Brad 2? Very discreet! Not showy public displays of affection so this is a good sign. We approve….Do you think her ex Chris Martin approves of this news? Who is he even dating these days? We want him to be happy too. Nothing against Chris but maybe he did not totally satisfy all of Gwyneth’s needs in the boudoir. I hear English guys are notorious for being less than stellar in bed. Which makes me worry for Meghan Markle. But I digress.

I just wanted to say “congratulations, Gwyneth, on husband number two and fianc√© number three. Are you going to be having any last-minute I-am-almost-50-so-let-me-have-twin-babies with this mate?”

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