Will Matt Lauer's Wife Annette Roque Divorce Him in Light of the Sexual Harassment Firing from NBC?

On Matt Lauer’s Wife

Matt Lauer's wife
Matt Lauer’s wife?

Matt Lauer’s wife cannot be very happy with her husband. Matt Lauer has had two wives so far. The first wife he divorced in 1988 and then he married Annette Roque in 1998 and the two remain married for the time being.

Matt Lauer’s wife Annette Roque seems like a classy woman of similar ilk too, say, Silda Ward Spitzer the ex-wife of disgraced New York governor Eliot Spitzer. She is very elegant, Miss Roque, in that Caroline Bessette Kennedy sort of way. Matt could have done worse as far as picking attractive wives to go. But is he about to lose his trophy wife and perfect kids (who are based in the Hamptons, New York year-round while he lives in Manhattan) on account of his recent firing by NBC’s Today Show for sexual misconduct? A true gentleman, Matt has issued a heartfelt apology saying in a written statement which aired on the show “I am truly sorry,” albeit a little too late when you consider what he has lost with this personal failure in judgment. This loss includes not only the $20 million per year contract but also the respect of tens of millions of viewers who were fans and who believed in him, as well as respect in the industry and among his peers.

But the real question posed in this article is whether Matt Lauer’s wife will divorce him in his moment of disgrace the way Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman, a Brit, dropped him like a radioactive potato as soon as news broke about his alleged sexual predatory behavior in the workplace.

The almost twenty-year marriage of Annette and Matt has not been without hiccups. She filed for divorce from Matt in 2006 alleging cruel and inhuman treatment only to later withdraw her petition after the two were able to strike a deal.  Miss Roque was heavily pregnant at the time. According to Ew.com:

In 2006, Roque reportedly filed for divorce against her husband before eventually withdrawing the documents, per The New York Daily NewsAccording to paperwork first obtained by the National Enquirer, in the filing, Roque accused her husband of “cruel and inhumane acts,” reportedly also claiming that Lauer was controlling about “even the smallest decisions,” alleging he showed “extreme anger and hostility” toward Roque. The couple, who share three kids, reconciled, and in June 2016, Lauer purchased a $36.5 million North Haven, New York, estate from actor Richard Gere.

If Matt Lauer’s wife does file for divorce again, there is a lot that will have to be worked out. Not just who will get custody of their three underage children, but obviously they also own a lot of assets. It is not clear if the couple bought Richard Gere’s house cash or if they have a jumbo mortgage on it. If it is the latter, then obviously it may not be all equity to be distributed in the divorce – assuming a divorce happens. But if it was the former, that, along with other assets will be divvied up equitably (New York is an equitable distribution state) along with other assets such as real estate, cash, and other equities, including a ranch in New Zealand valued in excess of $9 million dollars.

Mr. Lauer is accused of having had multiple extramarital affairs mostly with members of the Today Show staff over his 20-year career at the network. It is alleged that he once sent a co-worker a sex toy as a gift and sent with it an explicit note telling her exactly how he wanted to use this device on a said colleague. Another colleague claimed that Matt once locked her in his office and dropped his pants exposing his little willy to her. He also is rumored to have regularly played a game with colleagues to decide which female colleague or guest they would “fuck, marry or kill.” How does his wife feel about this?

In addition, Katie Couric, a former co-anchor of the Today Show with Matt, once divulged that what annoyed her most about Matt Lauer was his predilection for pinching her on her butt. It has been further alleged that Mr. Lauer has a reputation for repeatedly cheating on his wife, as a matter of routine. The source of the complaint that ultimately led to his ouster from NBC is a producer at the network who claimed that Matt engaged in sexual misconduct towards her while in Sochi, Russia covering the Winter Olympics in 2014.

One person who is bound to be thrilled about the downfall of Matt Lauer (and maybe even his ultimate divorce if that happens) is Ann Curry who was let go from the Today Show allegedly because she and Matt did not get along.

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