What to Desire this December

Your Desire this December – the “D” List

Desire this December
Desire this December

What I desire this December is:

  1. Lots of presents under the tree for the kids. Plus, what I desire this December is some freshly fallen snow for Christmas. The kids would love that! I just want happy kids!
  2. A détente with my ex. We should call a truce till next year. No attacks. No mud.
  3. A trip to Aspen or Wyoming for skiing (with a sexy new love interest)
  4. Goop incense – Edition 3 – Perfume (a free sample…HOW ABOUT IT, GP?)
  5. A Louis Vuitton “Never Full” Bag
  6. A spiritual awakening, of sorts….and a huge blank canvass so I can paint Christmas morning.
  7. Christmas in Vienna. Plus jingling bells & lots of Christmas lights & a tree of my own!
  8. A romp with my divorce attorney – no strings attached. 🙂
  9. A clean bill of health FOR MY ENTIRE FAMILY.
  10. Timberland boots. No, Uggs.

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