sex robots
sex robots

There is this subterranean sex robots industry, an underground industry that is world wide that is really worrying to a lot of people. Why? Because these sex robots are amazingly life-like, and more and more men are becoming addicted to them. Some men have even “married” their¬† sex robot. I kid you not.

If you google “sex robot” you will be astonished by what you will find, including images for the search term. The sex robots that are being made takes artificial intelligence to a whole other level. They look totally real, like a normal human being. Most of them depict a blonde woman but you can get a bespoke sex robot to be any ethnicity. I guess you can even get a Ken doll sex robot. Heck, you can get a sex robot haram! The whole thing is insane. It’s insane.

The thing is, the robots are made to look and feel like a real person and many of them actually do look and feel like real people, apparently. And men in particular seem to enjoy having sex with these devices though there could be robots for gals as well. Cause it’s a device. Notwithstanding it looks like a real person, it is just a thing, a device. It has no emotions, heart, or menstrual cycle. It cannot argue or fight back when verbally or physically attacked. It cannot say “no, not tonight.” And the user of these devices can program them to do whatever they want them to do, no questions asked.

A lot of single guys are into sex robots but apparently, like porn, more and more married guys are addicted to sex robots. Terrifyingly, there is even a case where a guy wanted his wife to participate in a threesome with a sex robot. Can you believe it? Don’t laugh, this is serious. Can. You. Believe. It? And her refusal was the basis of the beginning of the end of their marriage.

Should society even allow these types of gadgets to exist? For some, the answer might be that it is nothing more than an enlarged sex toy and if sex toys are legal and ethical, why not a sex robot that you can actually copulate with. And on a certain level, this is par for the course. Cause think about it, if you are using a sex robot, you will not bring home nasty viruses to your spouse. At least one can only hope. But where is this leading society when people are allowed to have fake people in their beds, have sex with fake people, and then get married to a robot? Where is this heading?

It just leaves a person speechless. That is, what can one say? What are the right questions to ask? What is going on in the world? Some of the people who own the sex robots actually take them (the robot) in the park for a walk. And nobody bats an eye. Can you believe it?
Elon Musk is right. Artificial intelligence is going to be the end of the human race. Think about it from a procreative standpoint. These things can’t even have babies! But then again, with the advancement and perfection of this technology, people will no longer need to get married. They just order the sex robot by mail order, hide it in the closet, take it out at night, and whatever, whatever. Nobody will need anybody. The divorce rate will actually decrease worldwide.

Great. But is this good? This is the pivotal question. Is this a good thing? Are we heading in the right direction?

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