Matt Lauer Divorce Inevitable? Wife Annette Roque Has Fled to the Netherlands

Is a Matt Lauer Divorce Inevitable?

Matt Lauer Divorce
Matt Lauer Divorce

A Matt Lauer divorce could be inevitable.¬† The former Today Show anchor has been submerged in a shit storm of epic proportions for the last few days following a dramatic termination of his employment by NBC for sexual misconduct on the job that violated the company’s policies. Since then, all hell has broken loose for the poor chap and it looks like a Matt Lauer divorce is all but assured at this point.

Immediately following the firing by NBC, Matt Lauer hightailed it to the Hamptons by helicopter to be by his wife Annette Roque’s side. According to news reports, Annette lives full time in the Hamptons with the couple’s 3 children and at first, it was thought that if she went ahead and filed for divorce, that she would win the house in the settlement. But maybe not now that she has voluntarily abandoned the house, and left Matt alone in the enormous bloc of board and concrete,¬† and has hightailed it to the Netherlands where she is from, to be with her family and people.

Hence the question of whether a Matt Lauer divorce is inevitable or not.
From the looks of things, if Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman is any indication, Annette Roque may be thinking about filing for divorce from Matt Lauer. She is following exactly in Georgina Chapman’s footsteps as far as the procedure. First, Georgina moved out, then she returned to England where she is from. Then she filed for divorce from Harvey. Here, Annette has moved out of her beloved Hamptons mansion (it is a real beauty this one) and has relocated to the Netherlands. Next, a divorce filing will likely occur.

Annette filed for divorce from Matt Lauer before as noted, in 2010, when it was rumored that Matt was having an affair with Natalie Morales a staffer at NBC. This next divorce filing, if it occurs, will be her second. Chances are, he may be able to talk her out of it a second time. He does seem to have amazing powers of persuasion. And maybe in the end she will stand by her man like other women in similar predicaments have done. But he should be careful and so should she because he would only have one strike left. And if there is a third time, for sure, Annette will kick this Casanova to the curb, no matter how much money he brings home.
Speaking of money, Matt is said to be seeking a $30 million payout from NBC for firing him before his contract expires in 2018 and NBC has basically and allegedly told his lawyers to go sniff on hashish. So Matt is not going to have a lot of cash to pay Annette a settlement. Unless he has saved up his money over the years. We can only hope he has saved a lot of his money because from the way it looks right now, it would come as a big surprise if he ever found another job in this town.

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