So who is Elon Musk dating? This is the question du jour. We are obsessed with all news we can find about Elon Musk. I was given the dubious task of scouring the Internet looking for the latest gossip and I was specifically asked to discover “who is Elon Musk dating.”

There is a number of possible answers to that question. Elon Musk is dating a lot of different people it seems. Since his last divorce from British actress Tallulah Riley, his dating life has been a lot more active than he lets on. The obvious main affair was the one he had with Johnny Depp’s ex, Amber Heard. Elon Musk dating Amber Heard is actually old news.  The two indeed are said to be engaged in an on again off again flirtation. In early fall, they announced they had broken up but by late fall, they were seen at one of their old haunts having a bite at a cozy caf√© and discussing Amber’s latest accolade: She had won GQ’s Woman of the Year award.

Is Elon Musk still dating Amber Heard? Yes and no according to who you talk to. The couple themselves have denied a relationship but they also denied they were dating initially after her split from Depp so the fact that they are denying it does not mean they are not back together. It is alleged that Elon does not fully trust that Amber will not cheat on him and break his heart. There is no evidence of course that she would ever do something so uncouth but the rumor is he fears she will because of her great beauty. He thinks men will be unable to resist and when propositioned, he fears she will succumb. So he keeps her at an emotional distance. For now. Though this does not mean they are not seeing each other on the sly. The other problem is Amber’s sexuality. She is rumored to be bisexual. This fascinates and terrifies Elon all at the same time. It makes him unsure of the future if they do get together.

The other person whose name comes up when people wonder aloud who is Elon Musk dating is Tallulah Riley the famous two-time Mrs. Musk. Though they are divorced the two remain very close pals and she is always at his house giving him TLC. Tallulah does not want to be married to Elon. At least not the way things are with him being “bipolar” and enduring so much stress and with him having so little time to devote to home life with her. Besides, he has so many children with another woman and it is a lot of work, almost a burden for Tallulah who craves her own children – one or two – like any normal young woman. She does not want to take on the responsibility of the mother to five boys. It is just too much. But Elon loves Tallulah and has had a hard time letting go of her completely. When they divorced the second time she took to Twitter to give her a shout out “I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day.”

The other name that comes up occasionally when the question of who is Elon Musk dating comes up is Cameron Diaz. However, unless the comedic actress is an adulteress, she most definitely is not dating Elon Musk because she is already happily married to Benjie Madden. True; she and Musk did hook up a few times before her marriage to Benjie but nothing serious came of it and she is not about to cheat on her husband to be with him.

The other person whose name comes up often with regard to this question “who is Elon Musk dating” is Jessica Hart. She is a gap-toothed hottie who regularly posts envy-inducing shots of her high life on Instagram. The curious thing about her feed is there have so far been no shots of her hanging out with Elon. Unlike Amber Heard who posted a shot of her with Elon who had a big lipstick stain on his cheek, Jessica has had no such revelations. So is she dating Elon Musk or is she not dating Elon Musk? It could be they are being very discreet like Harry and Meghan were and that when they are serious and are ready to reveal it to the world and come forward and say it to everyone they will. For now, insofar as the question of who is dating Elon Musk, nothing allows me to conclude that it is Jessica Hart.

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