Q&A: What is the Best Way to Ask Your Spouse For Divorce?

Want to ask your spouse for a divorce?
To ask your spouse for a divorce is often a very tough thing to do.

This question, how to tell your spouse you want a divorce gets asked a lot and I am sure there are several posts on Divorce Saloon that answer that question going back nearly a decade. In fact, here is a post by the title, Want a Divorce? How to Tell Your Spouse dating back to 2010. What can I add to the discussion?

Well, before you ask your spouse for divorce or tell your spouse you want to split, I suggest you make absolutely sure that you are really ready and not just angry as hell at the moment. Because once you set that ball in motion and have that sit down talk, it is very difficult (though not impossible) to pull it back.

After you have made sure, you have to be prepared for the talk, and choosing the right time and place to bring up divorce is paramount.

You also need to anticipate the reaction of your spouse as well as prepare yourself for any adverse actions by having maybe an escape route or back up friends nearby or something such as this before you ask your spouse for a divorce.

Nobody likes to ask for a divorce. It is not easy or pleasant for anybody. Often times you are going to encounter a shocked spouse who quickly becomes enraged by this turn of events and you do need to exercise caution and sensitivity in dealing with this moment.

Want a divorce?: How to tell your husband (or wife) you want a divorce