Extreme Weight Loss After Divorce


extreme weight loss after divorce

Extreme Weight Loss after divorce is a frequent symptom for many people. Some people have even dubbed the phenomenon the “divorce diet” because it is so common to see someone going through divorce lose a tremendous amount of weight.

It is not that this is unwelcome for a lot of people. Indeed, studies show that people who experience extreme weight loss after divorce often like the results. They may not have enjoyed the means of getting those unwanted pounds off, but they have waxed poetic about being able to fit into their skinny jeans again.

But it is not always a positive thing. Extreme weight loss after divorce can actually be so severe there it requires medical intervention in some people. Mostly the victims of this syndrome are women but men can get it too. The severest cases often wind up in a hospital hooked up to IV units and being force-fed. That is rare. The majority of people with extreme weight loss after divorce would probably seek the advice of their primary physician and from their nutritionist, to help restore their appetite.

It shouldn’t be so hard to avoid this happening to you, though. You can discern that you are losing weight almost immediately and if you know you have not been eating well, just take steps to nip that in the bud. You have to eat, very simply. Yes, you lose your appetite during times like these but if you cannot get solids down, you still need to get your nutrition by getting liquids in. Or, have your medical provider intervene by giving you some kind of pharmaceutical antidote to help bring your appetite back before this problem mushrooms to something bigger.

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