RECENTLY DIVORCED? Want to Travel the World But Don't Have Money? Work on a Cruise Ship!


working on a cruise ship
working on a cruise ship

Re: Divorced? Want to Travel the World But Don’t Have Money.
From: Grace Ann Diaz

Hi Everyone!

Today’s travel ideas for divorced people involves working on a cruise ship. What fun!  Honestly, I could not think of a better idea if I tried how you can Travel. Get Paid. Meet New People. In one shot.

It is a genius idea in fact.

Divorced people are always looking for unique post-divorce lifestyle ideas. They want to radically change their lives a lot of times. Many want to just leave town and start fresh someplace else. However, there are often many constraints that make picking up and leaving town for a “world trip” unrealistic. Not having finances is a big one. In  short, they “want to travel the world but don’t have money.”

That it takes money to travel the world is noté.

But it is really so unrealistic when you consider the huge demand cruise ships have for all sorts of different sorts of people?

What are you waiting for? Get on google and start doing research on something fun. Instead of trying to find a divorce lawyer directory or “the top divorce attorney near me” to resolve your marriage crisis now, you get to search for something fun, like: “Cruise ship jobs for recent divorcées.” Even if you can’t find anything specific that requires a broken marriage as part of the job description, there is no shortage of jobs on cruise ships. Try, for example. They have a full listing of jobs from all the major cruise lines including but not limited to Viking Cruises, RoyalCaribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Norwegian.

When you want to travel the world and don’t have money and on top of that you are recently divorced, it can be discouraging and you don’t even want to take your fantasy seriously just because you don’t want to be frustrated. But seriously, it is possible to pull off. One of the cool things about working on a cruise ship is that it is seasonal work. You can take a job for as little as three months. It does not have to be a lifelong commitment. And during this time, you can literally see the world!

What types of jobs can you find on a cruise ship when you want to travel the world and don’t have money?  All sorts! Teaching a foreign language, photography, IT, Fitness instructor, medical doctor, beautician, masseuse, hairstylist, engineer, jeweler, and many, many more.
The pay is not always fantastic but you have all your meals and accommodations for free. Plus you will meet a lot of people. You will have very little time to think about your divorce. It is amazing fun.

Well, that’s it for now till next time.

With love,
Grace Ann

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