Whether Divorce is inevitable when you marry outside your race, class, and socioeconomic group

divorce inevitable
Is Divorce inevitable when you marry outside your race, class, and social-economic group? I don’t think so. A lot of people would probably disagree but I would argue that your chances of getting divorced are still roughly close to 50 percent and that maybe it is even less because you would try harder at the marriage.

Marrying outside your race used to be really taboo in America. Not so much with class and social-economic group. Actual federal laws had to be written in order to allow people of different races to be able to marry each other I am told. No such laws have had to be written for class and social-economic groups so the two latter are not as controversial as the former.
Be that as it may, I think that people of different races are probably more likely to tough out the marriage longer than people of different classes and social-economic groups; and that the two latter are more likely to tough out the marriage than people who are in the same class and social-economic group – and simply because they have so much more to prove.

It’s 2018 yet people still believe in the concept of “race” which is itself astonishing. Just today I had to fill out a job application and it seemed so antediluvian to ask me to check my race. I thought, if I get this job, this is the first thing I am going to get rid of!

But I digress. I am not so sure that the skin you are in defines how likely you are to stay married. What do you think? Sure, you will have to deal with ignorant people and some of these ignorant people will be racist and they will say and do things that could make one or both of the couple uncomfortable, and depending on how it is handled, this could become an issue. This is especially true with the extended family. If the family discriminates against the person because of his or her race, socioeconomic group, or class, this snobbery could really cause trouble in that marriage like you would not believe and this could lead them down the path to divorce if it is not handled properly within their couple.

But other than that, I think these couples face the same issues and the same odds as any other couple, despite the skin, bank account, and pedigree. Once you get past the skin they are in, the question is whether they are basically compatible, whether they make each other laugh, whether they turn each other on, whether they have the same attitudes towards money. Things like that.

It would be beneath my dignity to advise someone to only consider mates within their race, class, and socio-economic groups. Don’t African Americans who marry African Americans divorce? Don’t people of European descent who marry others of European descent get divorced? Ditto for Asians, Hispanics, and others. Double ditto for people in the same socio economic group and class. Divorce does not spare anyone just because they played it safe and stayed in their lane. And no. Divorce is not inevitable just because you choose to marry someone outside your usual circles.

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