Want Happy Divorce? Here are 20 Tricks and Secrets For You

Want to have a happy divorce?

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A Happy Divorce is totally possible! Just keep the following in mind:

  1. It is better to go the conscious uncoupling route
  2. Have a divorce honeymoon
  3. Throw a divorce party
  4. Take the co-parenting vow
  5. Draw up a parenting plan and stick to it
  6. Date discretely for the first six months to a year
  7. No badmouthing
  8. No passive aggression
  9. No blaming
  10. No finger-pointing
  11. No regrets
  12. Don’t try to be “best friends” or “siblings” if you are not ready
  13. Don’t tell about or flaunt your new partner
  14. Don’t alienate the children
  15. Don’t apologize when it is not your fault
  16. Do respect yourself enough to remain classy throughout
  17. Do speak up when you don’t agree or appreciate something
  18. Do apologize when you know it is your fault
  19. Do keep a healthy distance
  20. Give yourself and your spouse permission to move on.

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