Would You Live in the Same Building as Your Ex for the Sake of Your Kids?

Would you Live in the Same Building as Your Ex after Divorce for Your Kids’ Sake?

Apparently, living in the same building, condo, or coop as your ex after a divorce is not that uncommon. Ben Affleck’s alleged lover Lindsay Shookus was reportedly living in the same building as her ex-husband so that they could co-parent their daughter. Wrote the New York Post Page Six:

When Affleck moved out of the guesthouse of his family’s Los Angeles home in May, he relocated nearby to be close to his and Garner’s brood. Shookus and Miller — who met on Shookus’ first day of work at “SNL” when Miller was a writer’s assistant — went one step further; they live in separate apartments in the same Upper West Side building so they can co-parent their young daughter.

Indeed,  it is not just living in the same building. Some exes like Ben Affleck have lived in the same yard or in a guesthouse after the divorce. According to the Post and various sources, Ben lived in a guest house in the yard of his former marital residence with Jennifer Garner for more than a year after news of their separation hit the fan.

This is a divorce in modern America for you. Couples are really latching on to this co-parenting trend and they really want to be there for their children even though they no longer want to sleep with each other. It kinds of makes you wonder what is so sex-killing about these couples’ relationships on one hand. But then you admire their commitment to being a family and co-parenting on the other hand.

Co-parenting is definitely a trend in Hollywood these days. People really proudly reveal that they are committed to it with their ex. Even Blac Chyna says she and Rob Kardashian are committed to being “co-parents.” It’s a real thing.

But what about you? Would you live in the same building as your ex for any reason at all even if it is to co-parent your kids after divorce? Wouldn’t you be afraid of running into him or her with their new girlfriend? Are you truly that secure in who you are that you can handle that?

Tell the truth. Would you live in the same building as your ex just so you can co-parent your kids after divorce? Or would you personally need a little bit more distance from your real estate?

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