On When Your Family Thinks Your Divorce Settlement is a Winning Lotto Ticket They Are Entitled to

Do you owe your family a portion of your divorce settlement the way you owe them if you win lotto? Obviously, when you have a windfall of cash and riches, it is expected that you will share it generously with your family and friends because you did not work for it. But what about your divorce settlement check? Are you likewise expected to share it with your sisters and brothers and parents who may be less affluent than you are on the basis that you didn’t have to work for it?

The fact that you married well and have a lot more money than your siblings and parents is your blessing. Nobody is saying you have to have the family move into the in-law suite and guest house during marriage. Obviously, the decision is not just up to you but also up to your spouse who may or may not be open to the idea of the family moving in.

But when the marriage torpedoes, then it will be your decision and yours alone, what to do with your divorce settlement and if it is a lot, then arguably you should share it with your family if they are less financially abundant than you are. Being generous is a virtue, first of all, and it usually will lead to greater abundance for yourself. But second of all, you did not work for that money and so if you receive a financial windfall, just like if you win the lotto, you should share it with your family. This is expected and this is the right thing to do.

So many selfish people win big in their divorce and it does not even occur to them to help their less fortunate siblings and family but if their siblings win the lotto, they expect a cut of that, the argument being “well, you did not earn it!”  So you can’t have it both ways.

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