On When a Newlywed Wants a Divorce by Kate Nguyen

newlywed wants a divorce
Are you a newlywed who wants a divorce?

When a newlywed wants a divorce, I am guessing the problem is huge. Nobody goes through all that trouble and expense to get married only to declare within 6 months or even less, that they want a divorce. Celebrities are famous for these types of quickie marriages divorces. The most famous newlywed to have sought a divorce in, I believe, 72 days of her lavish marriage, is reality TV star Kim Kardashian. She explained that the marriage was “less than ideal.”

I think that when a newlywed wants a divorce within a year or less of the marriage, it usually means that some kind of deception took place before the marriage and that upon its revelation after the marriage, the couple finds themselves in a situation where divorce is the only option. Usually, it would have something to do with sex, I am thinking. It happens to couples who decide to wait till after marriage to have sex whether for religious reasons or what have you. I am not going to sit here and advise people to engage in premarital sex if this is against their principles but I am going to suggest that it is probably better to test out the goods prior to marriage, notwithstanding the fire and brimstone that is promised in most religious texts, for this transgression. I would go further and say that you should beware of the man who can hold off for years without putting it in. This is a red flag. A very, big, red flag.

But it could be other reasons that a newlywed wants a divorce. It could just be that they realize a few months in, that this person just is not the right one. They could be arguing a lot or not communicating well. The in-laws could be a special version of Hades. Their careers could be all-encompassing. Any number of things could be wrong in that relationship and divorce may be the only option.

With that said, it is really sad when a newlywed wants a divorce, isn’t it? This really just smashes the fairytale to bits for all of us. We all want to believe in the fairytale and happily ever after. The sad fact is that for many newlyweds, the marriage on the inside is anything but a fairytale and all they want for Valentine’s day is a big, fat, divorce.

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