Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Getting Divorced? Her Constant Nudie Pics Could Signal a Lack of Sexual Attention from Her Husband

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Getting Divorced

It is hard to say if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced because unless and until a divorce is filed who can really say for sure? But Kim could be giving out a lot of cues about the state of that union with her constant naked photographs on Instagram. This has become an embarrassing tirade of nudity from someone, a mother of three young children, who is not even a porn star. Really, what will be next? Is she going to remove her panties and spread her legs for the cameras?!

Her proclivity for nudie selfies is starting to be a little bit unseemly. After all, she is not a porn star who is soliciting sex for a living. So why does she constantly strip down to her bare undies and snap selfies showcasing her ample breasts, thighs, and buttocks unless she is seeking attention and approval? She is a happily married woman who is adequately sexed by her husband, no? Or are these shots some sort of speech?

At first, Kim’s regular nudie shots on social media were slightly entertaining. But she has long since jumped the shark. For a mother of three with a business to run (selling make up) and a reality TV show to do, not to mention the constant appearances on talk shows and front row seats at fashion catwalks, not to mention having a husband that would obviously need quite a significant chunk of her time, Miss Kardashian sure does spend a lot of time taking photos of her naked body and rolling them out for the entire universe to consume.

The latest one she allegedly even had her 4-year-old daughter North West take the braless shot! How is this not crossing the line?!

Even for a reality TV star who came to fame because of a sex tape, Kim Kardashian’s behavior just is not normal. This woman is crying out for attention and for help – sexually speaking. This woman feels under-appreciated and she appears also to be woefully undersexed. Because clearly, these photos are meant to appeal to somebody’s sex appeal and if it is her husband, then he sees it all the time, she does not need to splash it on Instagram and flash him with it. So this is not for her husband’s benefit. She is seeking confirmation of her sexual desirability from the masses and outside of her marriage.

On a certain level, you feel bad for her and you want to just send her an email one girlfriend to the next and say “stop it. You are more than this. Go do something constructive with your time and stop sending out these porn shots of yourself because it makes you look desperate.” But on the other hand, you realize that she may just think you are jealous. And maybe you are because you don’t have a bum like hers. But still.¬† There is something completely not normal not only about the fact that she has this amount of free time to be allotted to this embarrassing pastime but the fact that nobody, not her mother, husband, sisters, or voyeurs is telling her to stop.¬† Stop debasing yourself like this, Kim Kardashian. You have nothing left to prove. You’ve made it. Now go write a children’s book, do some philanthropic work, take up water-coloring or something. Heck, go work on your marriage.

Clearly, something is missing in your intimate life and you need to spend some quality time (for example the time you spend taking selfies of your naked ass) addressing this issue. Honestly, stop this regular and predictable assault on our collective psyches. We have seen it all. Thank you very much. Let’s move on to the next big thing.

So there it is. I have said it.  Somebody had to. Now. Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced? This is not a question I know the answer to. I can only say for sure that it sure looks like there is trouble in paradise based on all the nude selfies she regularly blasts out on Instagram.

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