Wendy Williams, Meghan Markle: She tries to Shame Meghan For Applying to a Job on her Show. I hope Wendy's husband divorces her.

Is it just me or is Wendy Williams incredibly annoying? What a vapid creature. And those inflatable breasts of hers, really, someone should stick a pin in it.

Her latest offense (and there have been too many offenses to digest, I swear to god) is trying to shame Meghan Markle, the Suits actress soon to be a princess after she marries Prince Harry, for having applied for a job on her(Wendy’s) show.

Excuse us, Wendy, since when is applying for a job a crime or something to be ashamed of? You make it sound like the girl applied for Welfare (as if that is something to be ashamed of even). But she was looking for a job. She was not sitting on her ass trying to get handouts. And she wasn’t blasting out nudie shots of herself on Instagram to gain fame. So why try to shame the girl and tell everybody her business? I am sure Princess Grace applied for a lot of different jobs in the entertainment industry before she married her Prince in Monaco but nobody tried to shame her like this. They instead held her up like a paragon of virtue.

It only takes a type like Wendy Williams to try to denigrate a Meghan Markle in a situation like this. It is so shameful. Ew. What are you hoping to gain out of this Wendy, you jealous little freak? That Harry will divorce Meghan or just dump her and not marry her at all? Do you think this guy can’t see through all of you? I just hate when people like you try to slut-shame someone like this when you of all people with the platform you have should be trying to present her in the best light (given that so many others will grind their ax against her for no good reason other than for the fact that she is half African American). As if applying for a job is a bloody crime Wendy! You all make me sick.

I mean, she didn’t try to get a job as a porn star. Meghan was a young woman trying to develop her career in the entertainment field and she applied for a job on your show and really, why does everybody have to know this, Wendy? And why try to frame it as if it is some kind of shame? Shame on you, you overly large breasted hypocrite thingy. Fuck you. I hope you topple over with those ridiculous breasts and I hope your husband divorces you to boot. You should be dumped.

On top of that, you make no darn sense half the time with your darned “hot topics” so why did Meghan want to work on this show, for real? It clearly would have been slumming. Why don’t you go write a book with that sister of hers and leave that child alone you jealous, woodlice?

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