Feeling Like Your Ex Has His Pick of Adoring Females While You Can Barely Score a Coffee Date?


            Your “adored” ex got you feeling a little bit undesired?

Are you feeling like your ex has his pick of adoring gal pals, dates, and admirers but you can’t even score a coffee date? This is not uncommon. And you could be totally hotter than your exes, like a 9 or a 10, and he could be, well, a 4 or even less and guess what? Chances are that after divorce, he is likely to be able to more quickly find a new relationship than you are. Except if you are Anna Faris. She moved on pretty quickly after she got dumped but for most women, the guy usually finds a new relationship first and the wife has to struggle to get her groove back.

Why is this? Why do men like your ex have their pick of adoring women and women (especially after divorce and of a certain age) have a tougher time?  Probably nothing other than biology. Even though there are fewer men (or maybe because there are fewer men) they are more in demand and it is easier for them to find a willing female companion than it is for a woman to find a male companion. Oh, a lot of women have no trouble at all. They just walk out the door and the guys line up like bees around a honeycomb. But it is usually the man who has women fighting over him and wanting to kill each other in order to “win” him.

Men are less picky than women, for one thing. And so it is not that hard to find another woman if he really wants one. They are a dime a dozen as the saying goes, and all are looking for somebody to love them. Men are also given more of a pass by society so that if he has one night stands or rebound sex with women he hardly knows, the judgment is not the same as if a woman does it. Especially a woman with kids from a previous relationship. And speaking of kids, the fact that a man has kids with another woman will have less bearing on his “marriageability factor” than if a woman has kids from another man. So when a man leaves one relationship or marriage (especially if he has money but even when he is dead broke) and there are kids involved, still, there is at least one woman, out there who will gladly take him, shine him up, and marry him and give him another set of kids as quickly as possible (look at Hillaria if you have any doubts). And before you know it, he doesn’t even remember your name.

Don’t despair though. Because after divorce, most women do go on to find new relationships and many get married a lot quicker and a lot easier than their single counterparts who have never been married past the age of 35. So if you were skilled enough to score the ring before, you can do it again.  Besides, these days, women are still very desirable well into their 50s and 60s especially when they have money to help them take care of their appearance.
So if you are in this situation, take heart. It may take a little more time than it has taken your ex-husband, and maybe you will have less to pick from than your ex-husband, but you will and can find somebody else. I promise.

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