On Why Blac Chyna's Butt Could Raise the Divorce Rate in America (though no self-respecting gentleman should take the bait)

Jesus. Mary and Joseph. I just got hit in the face with a picture of Blac Chyna’s bum. How incredibly bulbous! Well, maybe that was uncouth. Let’s just say that Black Chyna’s bottom is not small. Look at this thing. Like, OMG.

Now, what is the relevance of this to this divorce blog? Well, in the world we live in today, it struck me that some men might think that it is normal to have a butt like that and they could contemplate leaving their wives in search of a woman with a more Black Chyna-Esque rear end. But this would be a mistake, I think. This could be a huge, horrible, mistake.

What is happening today in plastic surgeons’ offices across the country is borderline criminal as far as I am concerned. No woman should have to live up to standards such as this. But increasingly, ordinary men are being duped into thinking that these surgically enhanced women are the “real” deal and that their wives are sub-attractive for not porting body parts like what is seen daily on social media and on celebrity gossip websites.

Obviously, the queen of showing off an improbably large backside is not Black Chyna but her former sister in law and nemesis, Kim Kardashian. Miss Kardashian who has been married and divorced a few times has always insisted that her butt is real. She says it is not the surgery that resulted in her massive and oversized posterior ushering in a new norm for American women. Maybe she is telling the truth maybe she is not. But can anyone honestly suggest that these buttocks are natural? They just can’t be. Not in my opinion. I have never, ever, in my entire life seen anything like this. Admittedly it is not my usual pastime for checking out other women’s posteriors. But my god. My GOD. This one cries out for a response.

My response is that hopefully, no man who sees this thinks this is normative tissue, and under no circumstances do they impose this on their unsuspecting wives and girlfriends. This is not attainable under normal circumstances and would subject a normal woman to undue stress and humiliation if she were asked by her man and/or husband to get some of this. It is actually incredible that this woman, Blac Chyna feels secure enough to take her clothes off in public like this. My hat is off to her because you really have to know who you are to have the confidence to do this in public.

But for heaven’s sakes, do men out there find this attractive? Do they want their wives and girlfriends to look like this? Would they consider divorce, even, if their women fall short of this standard? IS this the new norm? Really, is this normal? What do you think? Am I puritanical and judgmental? Or is this the end of times being heralded by this woman’s back view?