The Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Split is Such a Shock!

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Split. It has come as such a personal shock to me. When I saw the headlines on People saying “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split” I actually had to do a double take. I reread the article a few times because I thought I was dreaming. But it appears that I am not dreaming. The couple has “lovingly” uncoupled.

Say it isn’t so! This Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux split is especially surprising because just last year when Brad Pitt (Jennifer’s ex husband) split from Angelina Jolie, Justin went on YouTube and made a video that some people  interpreted as a gloat directed at Pitt and Jolie. So one would expect that when you do something like that, you are pretty secure in your own situation? You don’t make fun of people when you are in the same boat, do you? It is incredible.

The thing is, Justin seemed really perfect for Jennifer. He was a younger version of Brad and he seemed to be really into her. He seemed to love her more. She seemed more indifferent. Which is better than her chasing him the way she seemed to chase John Mayer which was unseemly and embarrassing to tell you the truth. It sure did take her a minute to find her next Brad and to just toss it out after only two years of marriage? I don’t know. Who is she going to find now? She is not getting any younger and there are fewer and fewer eligible bachelors out there who can be a good match for her. What, are she and Brad going to rekindle their romance? I have read that he reached out to her to apologize for his behavior during the Jolie days. Are they getting back together?

Whatever the case may be, I just find this Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux split very shocking. Well, maybe it’s more surprising. I am surprised. I am genuinely surprised.
I do wish them both the very best. Especially Jennifer. I do like her.
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