On divorcing a Hollywood actor when you are also famous: 12 absolute Must Dos by Kate Nguyen

divorcing a Hollywood actor

When divorcing a Hollywood actor, take note: You Must Protect the brand. Divorcing a Hollywood actor can be a real circus if you let it. Celebrity Splits can be notoriously scandalous and everybody enjoys reading about other people’s misfortunes. But it does not have to be like that if you follow certain fundamental steps. Here are 12 THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DO to avoid being the fodder of negative gossip and ridicule:

  1. Hire  a publicist to issue all communiqués with the media
  2. Get a business manager to help you with negotiations & property settlement
  3. Try to keep the divorce specifics out of the press by uncoupling in a loving and reasonable way.
  4. Hire a divorce lawyer who is both competent and discreet.
  5. Be reasonable
  6. Be ready to perform damage control to save & safeguard your brand at all costs.
  7. Rebound with a new lover quickly and be sure to get photos on social media so that your brand does not get associated with a pathetic, sad creature who was left behind.
  8. Sell the house you lived in or at least put it on the market and move out immediately to a new dig
  9. Get ahead of the press by doing a sit down with a respected publication that casts you in the best light
  10. Keep up appearances by continuing with your normal routine including attending award shows like the Academy Awards and wear a big smile
  11. Hire a stylist like Rachel Zoe to keep yourself looking fly and fresh at all times
  12. Rally around your famous friends and encourage them to spread good rumors about your character

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