Justin Theroux Divorce Diary

Dear Diary,

I am sorta not feeling that great. Everywhere I look I see headlines “Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce.” It’s kinda weird to tell you the truth. I feel kinda weird. Don’t get me wrong: I am the one who initiated the divorce. But it feels weird anyway. I feel bad.

It is not about money. I mean, anybody who thinks that is just plain wrong. I did not marry Jennifer for her money and I did not hang in there long enough to get money from her. Before this Justin Theroux divorce headline, we were trying to work things out, me and Jen. I mean, you know, we have a bicoastal life. And it was difficult at times. Because I am a New York guy and she is a California girl. But that is not what happened to us. It is not that simple for East Coast West Coast. That is just bullshit.

Jennifer is a very complicated woman. Do you know?  People don’t see that but she is.  And, you know,  I guess that I am a complicated man. This was hard, you know when you have two complicated people like that. But to suggest that I married her for her money? It’s incredibly like this is incredibly…insulting! I loved Jennifer! Yea, everybody knows she made more money than me. She made $26,000,000 just in 2017 alone. We were married for two years. She had a lot of endorsement deals and a couple of movies and stuff and I had Leftovers and stuff but I didn’t make as much.  You know, I don’t make as much as my ex-wife but this does not mean I married her for her money.

After I read all these Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce headlines, it just occurred to me what is going through people’s minds because it was a short marriage, just two years but people forget we were together for 7 years in total. We dated for 5 years and most of that time we lived together so it’s like we were married for longer than just two years but I realize people are trying to say that I hung in there just to get the ring and then divorce her and run with the cash and this is so false. I mean, this really…it’s like, everybody is all shocked by the Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce and they are calling me and oh, so surprised and look, I loved this woman and it didn’t work out, ok?

Justin Theroux divorce
                                       I don’t care about Jennifer’s money

Yea, I will get a property settlement from Jennifer but we live in California and that is how the law works. You get married and you get half of the money. This is just how it works. This is not me demanding anything from my ex-wife. California has its laws that say I get 50 percent. And that includes the house she showed in AD. That is just the legal aspect. I don’t write the law. The prenup is…I mean, we have to look into that. But again, this is not what this is about. I don’t care about Jennifer’s money. OK?

I just feel really weird about the whole thing. Packing up all those suitcases was just weird. Telling her I was done was just weird. The bottom line I think is happiness. I want to be happy and I want her to be happy. And I just don’t, we weren’t…happy. Do you know? I mean, my last relationship was 14 years. Before Jennifer, I was with my last girl for 14 years. It was different, you know?

And what I think this whole thing taught me is that money is not everything. Not even close. And it is just weird. I just feel all fucking weird.

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