Does Sex Get Better After 30 Years of Marriage? Yes! You Just Have to Hang in There!

sex get better after

If you hang in there for at least 30 years the sex will get better. There’s no denying that! The question I would like to tackle is: Does sex get better after 30 or more years of marriage? My feeling is that hot passion and hot sex in a marriage does not last that long for the majority of couples. My general view is that if you are still panting hotly after 5 years of marriage, you are in the exception crew and not the norm. But a recent study opines that the key to rekindling the hotness of the sex of matrimony is how long you hang on to the marriage. IF you can hang on for, say, 30 years or more, you can be assured that the sex will once again start to be very naughty and very hot.

Well, alright. I take it back. I just fibbed.  There is no such study. I just made that up for kicks. But I have observed people who have been married a bucket long time and it seems to me that as their marriage survives the years and tribulations, their affection and love and passion for each other increases rather than wanes.

True, there is an interval in there that is very difficult and very challenging. The in-between years. These are the dangerous years because most people can’t withstand the pressure and so they bolt on the marriage. The seven-year itch is real, for real. But hanging in there from say 7 years to 29 years of marriage is the key to success. These years are monsters. And most people give up not just on the sex but on the marriage. For most, if there is any sex at all, to begin with, it is at best just routine and going through the motions.

The magic number seems to be 30 years of marriage.  Maybe it is because they feel so proud of themselves for having made it. Maybe it’s just hormones that awaken and kick in. Who knows what it is? But couples who have been married for a very long period of time, over 30 years as a benchmark, seem to have the secret ingredient to rebooting their sex drives, sex lives, and ultimately their sexual fulfillment. So the key to a satisfying sex life when married? Hang in for at least 30 years!

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