Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson Pitches Divorce Show to Fox Network

Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson Pitches Divorce Show to Fox and Makes a Deal

Meghan Markle Ex Husband
Former Working Actress Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson: Gentleman or Conniver?
Meghan Markle’s ex husband has been very quiet since she got engaged to be married to heir of the British throne, Prince Harry of Windsor. Is this the quiet before the storm? Does he have some major shade cooking up to shame the actress once she is neatly installed as the Duchess of Sussex after finalizing her marriage to the Prince in May?
Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson looks like a nice enough guy. Indeed, he sort of looks like the Prince, or certainly, like the Prince’s relatives. He could be of British descendance for all anyone knows. So it appears that Meghan does have a type.
The couple who met in 2004 married in 2011 in a beautiful beach ceremony in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in front of 101 guests and friends. The wedding celebrations reportedly lasted 4 days. Prior to their marriage, they had lived together for about six or seven years. They divorced in 2013 after just two years of not so happy wedded bliss. It is said that the marriage disintegrated because Meghan got a lead role in the TV series SUITS which was filming in Toronto, where she played the popular character Rachel Zane and Trevor who is a film producer and talent manager chose to remain in Los Angeles while his wife worked in Canada. The distance apparently was too much for the couple and they lost that intimate touch they once shared. Meghan demanded a divorce and received one promptly but she lost not just Trevor, but her life long friend Nanaki Priddy who claims she was disappointed with the way Meghan dumped Trevor. Nanaki had been friends with Meghan for nearly 30 years. Is she just jealous of Meghan’s success or does she know something about Meghan that the rest of the world does not?
Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson has hardly been as critical and as harsh as her friend Nanaki has been. For that matter, other than Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, he is the only family member or close friend that has not sought to capitalize on his relationship with his ex wife.
But is there any hard feelings between the two that is waiting to rear its ugly head once Meghan ties the knot in May? Meghan Markle Ex Husband Trevor Engelson was born in 1976 in Great Neck New York according to published reports. He is a few years older than Meghan which could explain his maturity and restraint so far since the stunning news hit of his ex wife’s unbelievab!e upgrade to royalty. Maybe he really does not have any axes to grind against the soon to be princess. But what if he is just biding his time?
Mr Engelson is said to be shopping a TV series to networks about a couple who divorces only to have the wife marry a British royal. The couple have a child and there is “tension” surrounding the custody of the child which results in fights between the father and the British monarchy. According to Deadline, the premise of the show is “divorce is hard. Sharing custody is harder. Sharing custody with the British Royal Family when your wife married a prince in the unforgiving tabloid media is next level.”
To be honest, it doesn’t really sound like it will be a nasty show. It sounds like a cute premise, in fact and the pilot has apparently been picked up by the Fox Network. But what if it turns out to be his way of slapping the former working actress in her face?
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