Q&A: What does it feel like to sign the divorce papers? I'm dreading signing my divorce papers

sign the divorce papers

Many people wonder what does it feel like to sign divorce papers. That is a good question because it is so different for everybody. People have reported all sorts of reactions to signing off on the divorce. These include relief, depression, feeling blue, feeling empty, feeling doubt and uncertainty, feeling like their new life had begun, etc.

It is quite normal to have some dread about signing your divorce papers because this, after all, is the end of a significant chapter in your life. No matter what circumstances of your relationship, marriage is serious, and ending a marriage is nothing to take lightly. Even for those people who feel relief after signing the divorce papers, there are bound to be additional complexities to that emotional spectrum than they let on.

The process of moving beyond that marriage does not end as soon as you ink your signature on the document. It takes time, maybe even a lifetime to totally let go of the memory. It does not mean you can’t or won’t get on with the rest of your life. But the idea is that you should give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel and you should not judge yourself or be hard on yourself (or for that matter the other person who also will have some struggle letting go completely).

If most of what you are feeling is sadness and depression and hopelessness you should seek help as there are many things you can do or take to make this transition less painful, and rebuild your confidence.